Patient Testimonial - Whole Body Aches and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patient was diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis and suffered the pain for many year. 

When the patient had visited the Dr Tan Acupuncture Clinic, she can't even walk properly and can't lay down . When the pain comes she always said "I really like to die right now" - exact word ~ "Gusto ko na mamatay!"

Everytime the patient feels extreme pain, she will go to the Emergency Room and keep saying ~ "Gusto ko na mamatay!".  Though visiting the emergency room was like a daily routine for her.

The patient was very discipline and willing to cooperate with Dr Tan. It took 3 months (3 times a week) for her to fully recover.

In her 1st month, she was able to lay down with no more pain and able to walk with a cane.

In her 2nd month, she was able to walk without any cane but with tolerable pain. She's also stop taking her pain killer.

In her 3rd month, she can walk freely without anymore worries!

After her 3rd month treatment, she visited the Dr tan clinic and gave her thanks and told Dr Tan - Thank you! and I dont want to die I wanted to live now! - exact word ~ Ayaw ko na mamatay, gusto ko na mabuhay!


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