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Dr Fatima Tan Talks about Acupuncture in CNN Philippines

Dr Fatima Tan was invited to have a talk in CNN Philippines about how acupuncture works toward pain management and how effective it could help people with severe or chronic pain.
Dr Fatima Tan also talk about Traditional Chinese Medicine method on how to enhance people health such as diet, lifestyle and etc.
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Patient Testimonial - Whole Body Aches and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patient wasdiagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis and suffered the pain for many year.

When the patient had visited the Dr Tan Acupuncture Clinic, she can't even walk properly and can't lay down . When the pain comes she always said "I really like to die right now" - exact word ~ "Gusto ko na mamatay!"

Everytime the patient feels extreme pain, she will go to the Emergency Room and keep saying ~ "Gusto ko na mamatay!".  Though visiting the emergency room was like a daily routine for her.

The patient was very discipline and willing to cooperate with Dr Tan. It took 3 months (3 times a week) for her to fully recover.

In her 1st month, she was able to lay down with no more pain and able to walk with a cane.

In her 2nd month, she was able to walk without any cane but with tolerable pain. She's also stop taking her pain killer.

In her 3rd month, she can walk freely without anymore worries!

After her 3rd month treatment, she visited the Dr tan clinic and ga…

Patient Testimonial - Numbness of the hands and Body Aches

Patient has experience numbness in hands, back pain and body aches for several years. Some doctors have already diagnosed her for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Nerve Damage.

The patient is searching for an alternative way to treat her sickness that doesn't involve drinking medicine because pain killer isn't working anymore.

Patient was very afraid of the needles, but with the encouragement of Dr Tan and with the determination to get well she decided to take a shot.

After the 1st session, the patient feels very happy. The first thing she noticed was great improvement of back aches and body pains. Numbness of both hands did not go away completely but  reduced noticeably.

The patient was very religious in coming to Dr Tan's clinic and completed the 10 sessions in two months having twice to thrice sessions weekly. Her pain and numbness greatly improved. She said she had never felt so "light" before.

Currently, patient still has acupuncture visits with Dr Tan once or twic…

Patient Testimonial - Back Pain

Patient had suffered chronic back pain. She just pass by outside the clinic and decided to give an Acupuncture a try.

The patient was bothered by the pain and can't enjoy her vacation  here in the Philippines. Out of nowhere, the patient just came it and seek opinion from Dr Tan. With Dr Tan recommendation, the patient decided to give it a try.

Within the session the patient felt so relax and fall a sleep. The patient was so happy with the result and promise to visit the clinic again in her next vacation.

Patient Testimonial - Prolapsed Disc or Slipped Disc

Patient Testimonial - Prolapsed Disc or Slipped Disc

Patient had suffered Prolapsed Disc better known as Slipped Disc, some doctors already suggest her to schedule for her operation but she decided to try Acupuncture. 

The patient was afraid of acupuncture because needles will be piercing in her body! But due to Dr Fatima Tan explanation about the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine that could help her to improve her condition, the patient finally got the courage to take a shot.

Dr Fatima Tan decided to use acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion for her treatment. 

In her 1st treatment the pain was already lessen! 

After several more treatments the patient already can walk normally and go back to work.