Patient Testimonial - Numbness of the hands and Body Aches

Patient has experience numbness in hands, back pain and body aches for several years. Some doctors have already diagnosed her for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Nerve Damage.

The patient is searching for an alternative way to treat her sickness that doesn't involve drinking medicine because pain killer isn't working anymore.

Patient was very afraid of the needles, but with the encouragement of Dr Tan and with the determination to get well she decided to take a shot.

After the 1st session, the patient feels very happy. The first thing she noticed was great improvement of back aches and body pains. Numbness of both hands did not go away completely but  reduced noticeably.

The patient was very religious in coming to Dr Tan's clinic and completed the 10 sessions in two months having twice to thrice sessions weekly. Her pain and numbness greatly improved. She said she had never felt so "light" before.

Currently, patient still has acupuncture visits with Dr Tan once or twice a month for prevention and wellness.


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